Life (expectancy), animated

Global socio-economic data is easily accessible nowadays. Just type the indicator of interest and the name of the country in your preferred search engine and you can find its value, sometimes also an additional plot or a map. But what about when you want to go further and (for example): Want to compare many countries? Get data just for a specific year? See changes in time? Just want to create a very specific plot or a map?

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Making maps of the USA with R: alternative layout

Introduction Maps of United States often focus only on the contiguous 48 states. In many maps Alaska and Hawaii are simply not shown or are displayed at different geographic scales than the main map. This article shows how to create inset maps of the USA, building on a chapter in the in-development book Geocomputation with R that shows all its states and ensures relative sizes are preserved. It requires up-to-date versions of the following packages to be loaded:1

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Geocomputation with R - the intermission

Hello everybody! A lot of things have changed since the last blogpost about Geocomputation with R. In this post I’ll give an update of our progress and our plans for the next chapters. Third author Probably the most important change is having a third author - Jannes Muenchow. He is a GIScientist based at the University of Jena with a keen interest in spatial and geostatistical modeling, algorithm automation and geocomputation.

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