The object loaded is a sf object containing the contiguous United States data from the US Census Bureau with a few variables from American Community Survey (ACS)



Formal class 'sf' [package "sf"]; the data contains a data.frame with 49 obs. of 7 variables:

  • GEOID character vector of geographic identifiers

  • NAME character vector of state names

  • REGION character vector of region names

  • AREA area in square kilometers of units class

  • total_pop_10 numerical vector of total population in 2010

  • total_pop_15 numerical vector of total population in 2015

  • geometry sfc_MULTIPOLYGON

The object is in geographical coordinates using the NAD83 datum.


See also

See the tigris package:


if (requireNamespace("sf", quietly = TRUE)) { library(sf) data(us_states) plot(us_states["REGION"]) }