R packages

    Calculates a degree of spatial association between regionalizations or categorical maps using the information-theoretical V-measure
    Calculates landscape metrics of categorical map patterns
    Provides utility functions for some of the less-glamorous tasks involved in landscape analysis
    Detects and quantifies water quality and cyanobacterial harmful algal bloom (CHABs) from remotely sensed imagery
    Calculates the Boltzmann entropy of a landscape gradient
    Global dataset of gridded population and GDP (1980-2010 estimations and 2020-2100 scenarios)
    Datasets for spatial analysis
    An implementation of the CARTOcolor palette in R
    Tools for working with aerobiological data
    Additional functions for ‘geoPAT’ 2
    Datasets used in the Geostatistics with R book


    geocompr.github.io - presentations, articles and other types of web content related to the Geocomputation with R book
    GeoPAT 2
    GeoPAT 2 - a suite of modules dedicated to analysis of large datasets in their entirety using spatial and/or temporal patterns
    Alternative layout for maps of the United States
    A repository containing an R code and spatial data to create an inset map of the USA, which shows all the states and ensures relative sizes are preserved.
    Template for writing a PhD thesis in Markdown
    Template for writing a PhD thesis in Markdown, a super-friendly plain text format. Using Pandoc, the Markdown can be easily converted to popular formats such as LATEX, PDF, MS Word, HTML, etc.
    Discovering good data packages
    The State Of Data On CRAN: Discovering Good Data Packages.
    Geomorphometry for Geosciences
    A book of contributions to the 4th International Conference on Geomorphometry, Geomorphometry 2015: Conference and Workshops, PoznaƄ (Poland), June 22-26, 2015