The pollen package is a set of functions for working with aerobiological data. It takes care of some of the most widely use aerobiological calculations, including determination of pollen season limits, replacement of outliers (Kasprzyk and Walanus (2014)), and calculation of growing degree days (Baskerville and Emin (1969)).


Get the released version from CRAN:

Or the development version from github:



  • Baskerville, G., & Emin, P.: 1969. Rapid Estimation of Heat Accumulation from Maximum and Minimum Temperatures. Ecology, 50(3), 514-517.
  • Kasprzyk, I. and A. Walanus.: 2014. Gamma, Gaussian and Logistic Distribution Models for Airborne Pollen Grains and Fungal Spore Season Dynamics, Aerobiologia 30(4), 369-83.