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World population growth through time

A few months ago I have made an attempt to visualize the world population changes from 1800 to 2100: Inspired by @MaxCRoser and @jkottke, I've tried to visualize the world population changes from 1800 to 2100. My new blog post at describes how this animation was made using #rstats and #OpenData. — Jakub Nowosad (@jakub_nowosad) October 9, 2018 This way of visualization is good to show the ever-changing distribution of the population on a global scale.

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Efficient landscape metrics calculations for buffers around sampling points

Landscape metrics are algorithms that quantify physical characteristics of landscape mosaics (aka categorical raster) in order to connect them to some ecological processes. Many different landscape metrics exist and they can provide three main levels of information: (i) landscape level, (ii) class level, and (iii) patch level. A landscape level metric gives just one value describing a certain property of a landscape mosaic, such as its diversity. A class level metric returns one value for each class (category) present in a landscape.

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