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Intro to R workshop

Last week, I had a pleasure to conduct a workshop for graduate students and faculty in the Department of Geography and GIS at the University of Cincinnati. In two afternoons, a group of mostly beginners, learned a little bit about R, RStudio, data processing, and visualisation, as well as about spatial data analysis in R. The workshop had four parts: Intro to R. It introduces basics of R, such as assignment operator, functions, objects, classes, and data types.

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Recent Publications

  • Geostatistics in R (in Polish)
    Abstract online
  • Forecasting model of Corylus, Alnus, and Betula pollen concentration levels using spatiotemporal correlation properties of pollen count
    Abstract PDF online
  • Forecasting of Corylus, Alnus, and Betula pollen concentration in the air in Poland
    Abstract PDF
  • Spatiotemporal models for predicting high pollen concentration level of Corylus, Alnus, and Betula
    Abstract PDF online
  • Terrain misclassification problem – analysis using pattern simulation approach
    Abstract PDF