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Geocomputation with R - the afterword

I am extremely proud to announce that Geocomputation with R is complete. It took Robin, Jannes, and me almost 2 years of collaborative planning, writing, refinement, and deployment to make the book available for anyone interested in open source, command-line approaches for handling geographic data. We’re very happy that it’s now ready to present to the world (and that physical copies of the book can be pre-ordered already from Amazon, Wordery and direct from the publisher, CRC Press).

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How much our maps are distorted?

Last week Neil Kaye tweeted: Animating the Mercator projection to the true size of each country in relation to all the others. Focusing on a single country helps to see effect best.#dataviz #maps #GIS #projectionmapping #mapping — Neil Kaye (@neilrkaye) October 12, 2018 This, of course, provoked me to ask: is it reproduclible? And more specifically, can it be reproduced in the open source statistical programming language, R?

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